This gorgeous weed is slightly purpled hued and deliciously caked just gleaming in trichomes. The buds are on the small to medium size being pretty well rock hard. The trim is perfect seeming hand trimmed and the cure is near perfect. Upon cracking my jar I received a dank pungent foral gassy pink aroma admiting from this gorgeous flower.

When I smoked I was greeted with a pungnent dank gassy foral pink taste. The burn on my joint was near perfect being slow and even burning, also near continuous only having to re light once. Ash was light gray and there was a nice grease ringer.

This is a medium to high potency indica dominate hybrid. Immediatley after smoking I felt a rush of europhia wash over me. This calmed me and kept me in a nice state of mind. Took a lot of my soreness away as well. It didn’t take me long to become really lazy and sedated. Vauled at 190 a zip before coupons and rated AAAA