Did something a little different this time around, I figured to give this flower it’s best chance at scoring that I would just give it the star rating prior to writing out this written review, in the end it will make sense….. bear with me here.


On the good ol’ Instagram feed from Sacred Gardens I kept on seeing a preview of this flower and just the visuals alone really caught my eye, you could tell that this was going to either just be interesting and weak, or just a all around banger. The reason I scored the way I did is because I know in the end I will likely choose other strains over this one as my top for the year likely, the scores cannot hide how incredibly impressive this is, and really could still make my top of the year list.


Needless to say the bag appeal is ridiculous, this is an easy perfect score here. Nugs stuck together sticky with glistening trichromes and amazing deep purple hues stricken throughout this flower, and very INTENSELY so, beautiful….just to look at.


Open the bag up and your nose is blasted with the sweet pungent “pink” notes that just hang in the air forever, will stink any room out real bad, so beware and prepare to drool. It is truly a beautiful reek.


Taste was right where you wanted to be as I always stick behind my mantra of enjoying flower that holds true to its smell when you taste it and this does precisely that. A nice clean burn, smooth sweet smoke fills your lungs and on the exhale just as lovely. Maybe slight hints of a non dank earthy even slightly doughy but nothing to pinpoint other then the obvious pink lineage coming through. Cool part I had found with this flower is the more purple the bud you bust is, the more obvious the sweetness is and almost like a fermented fruit of sorts.


Potentcy is right there with any quads you will find, it does not reach pinnicles that other buds have attained but you will be very happy no matter how advanced a smoker you are. I would hope that this becomes a staple from year to year now because I would grab it again to keep it in my headstash rotation no doubt.