Pink Unicorn from The Leaf Express

Visual: This Pink Unicorn was very dense and compact looking. It was a very dark green with some bright green leaves and some purple leaves. I could hardly see the orange hairs because they really blended into the bud. There was lots of tight compact crystal all over. When I opened it up there was lots of bigger crystal and some cool purples. It was very compact and dense.

Nose: It was a bit earthy and spicy with a bit of gas. When I opened it up I got more of that spiciness.

Cut/Roll/Grind: It held back a bit when I was trying to grind it but it was easy to cut.

Taste: I got a lot of the spiciness and a bit of the gas on the flavour.

Burn: The burn was good. The ash was a bit dark.

Potency/Effects: It had a bit of a punch to it. The potency was good and the effects were energetic. My head felt very buzzed out and it gave me a creative boost. This would be good for daytime smoking.

Overall score – 9.2/10