Pink Unicorn from Order Weed Online

Visual: It had great visual appeal! It was a dark green colour with some spots of bright green and spots of purple/black It had patches of brown hairs and lots of tight compact and sparkly crystal. There were quite dense but had a nice sticky squish to them.

Nose: The nose was sweet and gassy with a bit of funk to it. It was similar to the Unicorn Food, like a savory funk but with a funky foot smell as well. I liked it! haha

Cut/Roll/Grind: It held back in the grinder because it was very sticky, it was probably the stickiest so far of the round. It had a great moisture level.

Taste: It had tons of flavour and it was all gas! It also gave some pine and some of that funk. It was very pungent!

Burn: The burn was awesome. It was slow and steady and gave lots of smoke.

Potency/Effects: I got a bit hit in my nose and it built up fast and to a very potency high level for me. It weighed me down in my body right away while giving a bit of energy in my brain at first along with some visuals. It made my nose very tingly and eventually it just messed everything up and was very heavy all over. Good for evening or nighttime.

Overall score – 9.7/10