Strain – Pink Unicorn (Purple Unicorn x Blood Rose)

Vistual/Texture – sticky buds all smaller in stature, that all were stuck as a balled cluster. Resin cladded on both exterior, and interior once busted open. Spade shaped with a spongy texture, shared shading of a medium emerald, and a darker mossy green coloring, with rich purple undertones, clashing with the dark copper pistils. Surrounded by an icy layer of glistening crystal trichomes

Scent – cracking open this mylar bag, I was immediately welcomed by the nice powerful scent this strain hoists behind it. An aromatic scent of sweet herbs, a deep floral fragrance, partnered up by a sour citrus, and a pungent piney smell
Smoke – smooth intakes of clean smoke, light greyish white ash through the entire burn, beautiful oil ring of greasiness present throughout the session. Terpenes translating perfectly when coming to puffing back the Pink Unicorn. Taking on inhales of floral, sweet herbal, and a sour lemony pine flavoring. As you exhale, the taste moves on to an earthy, with a hint of floral, and carrying through the notes of citrus

High – a hybrid (75/25) with sativa overtaking properties. Finding this to be a stone that plants itself into the dome, bringing on steady effects all around, and providing a solid uplifting energy. Filling your head with a enhanced cerebral, and euphoric thoughts, while still maintaining focus entirely. Daytime being the most ideal time to get good and cooked while maintaining motivation