Sticky,large,moist,dank rock solid dark and lime green with purple bleeding through in places bud, with thick patches of dark orange hairs and completely caked in dense crystals and fuzzy trichomes. Smell is really nice! Strong pungent in your face sweet citrus/fruity gas⛽ . Taste is very similar to smell very strong spicy gas that almost translates to grape flavor that lingers and sits on the palate long after smoking. Burn was slow,very potent,heavy and resinous with a thin oil ring almost right away in joint(1.5g) with a grey almost white ash. High is very sedative,euphoric and full body relaxation. I’m feeling very heavy headed/eyed but alert but also pretty couched locked and im only midway through joint near end im drifting in deep thought and I feel good!
Really nice herb overall!!!!💯Tasted super gassy throughout and has me very relaxed and very sedated! I recommend this herb for night-time smoking or using easily as a sleep aid!