Strain – Pink Tuna (Pink Kush x Tuna Kush)

Visual/Texture – taking the lineage from two solid genetics, Pink Tuna is a must amongst my stash. It’s always such a deadly pairing, bringing together two of my favorite strains crossed. One big chunky dense bud with very little give on the squeeze, fresh, and sticky both inside and out. Light minty coloring with some olive green shading in parts, and some sharp purple undertones. Shorter thinly drawn light orangish brown pistils, and iced out in a thick shield of frosted white trichomes

Scent – there’s an immediate stanky overpowering Tuna aroma that unleashes from the bag overpowering the area when opened. Really potent terpenes emitting off this stuff, consisting   of a pungent gassy tuna with some strong floral fragrance blasting through

Smoke – good consistency on the burn all the way to the end, having a lighter greyish white ash, with minor peppering. Forming a greasy resin build within the first couple hits off the doob. Mirroring its nose, you’re received by a very similar profile while smoking. On the inhale you get the tuna gas, with floral earthiness, and exhaling tasting of diesel, with a spicy woodiness

High – indica dominate hybrid (70/30) supplying the effects of such. Good potency that is fealt right away,  more of a strain for later day or evening time blazing. Feeling the high set in your eyes, and roll over your body creating a deep relaxation feeling. You’re levels of euphoria are boosted, having a clouded head high making focus more of a struggle. Motivation will be on the lower end with lounging around being a better game plan post blaze