This is some of the tastiest herb I’ve had in 2021 so far!!! Always hunting for herb like this!

Tight,sticky,moist well trimmed and cured mostly lime green with forest green bleeding throughout and some copper color within! Covered in small short light orange almost reddish hairs with some decent crystal coverage(caked in some areas but good coverage) and short fuzzy trichomes that slightly shine when light hits the bud. Smell is next level and very unique!hot_face100 pungent pure sweet candy with creamy cheesy notes and hints of gas in the background that makes such a refreshing and amazing aroma!! Taste is amazing and complex! Super sweet candylollipop and orange citrus with some refreshing gas, this herb will keep you guessing! Smooth resinous slow burning with a nice oil ring and an almost white ash. High is great im feeling very happy/euphoric,relaxed, drowsy and find myself drifting in deep thought. Excellent herb overall! Easily the tastiest herb I’ve reviewed this year and nice and potent on top of that. I’d recommend this herb for night-time smoking or easily using as a sleep aid