Pink Shatter  6xotics

Golden and see thru, really sticky and greasy to the touch. Pretty hard to handle at room temp it just stretch super well but give it a good snap amd its easy to break pieces.

The smell out of the pack was light but present a bit piney light danky side pretty nice for shatter. Once it vaporised it gets really pungent you feel the pink side a lot. Its sweet earthy gassy, not usually a big fan of shatter but this one was nice. The smoke is pretty heavy a bit peppery almost but its still easy to take big rips.

The effects are there too. Loud and heavy you feel it a lot behind the eyes buts its not just the dab sweats, it stays for a while. Relaxing and unwinding its nice at night well complemented by the Tuna / Diablo Pink in a joint too. Id keep it for lazy evening and so on. Definetly some of the nicest shatter ive had like the candyland from a couple months ago.