Such crazy looking rosin with much of the product looking light and pale with a layer of deep amber terps covering the top making it look a deep amber to caramel colour. There were also several pockets where you could see collections runny amber goodness underneath the jar. It generally appeared to have a healthy sheen along the exterior which overall made the rosin damn appealing. Smells were equally impressive straight out of the jar with over the top gas and moderate levels of herbal notes. After whipping the rosin, it became moreso of a uniform creamy golden brown with a thickened honey consistency. Not the easiest to collect a dab but not a big deal with the right dab tool. Smoke was great, again delivering with heavy gas forward flavors alongside some light floral and herbal notes.  Really nice one to dab at a lower temperature; with the flavors lingering for a while. Smooth with a very clean melt considering it is flower rosin; obviously still a bit of residue left behind but again at a lower temp this ends relatively clean. Effects hit me with a euphoric cerebral high that was quickly accompanied by a heavier body stone that made everything relaxing and enjoyable. I wa s sucker for the blue cherry MAC flower rosin and this was equally as impressive.