Strain – Pink Pebbles (Pink Kush x Fruity Pebbles OG)

Vistual/Texture – it came as one sticky mass, which I eventually realized that it was two medium chunks gripping on to each other. Super sticky, greasy, and fresh feeling, these semi fluffy, spongy buds both plump and round in stature. Emerald green nugs boasting lots of deep dark purple patches giving bold definition to the structures. Pistils generously populated over the nuggets with bright fire orange colors, and milky white trichomes thickly layered over the entirety

Scent – quite the powerful captivating aromatic terpenes begin pouring off, from the moment of exposure. A delightful aroma of sweet tropical berries, blended with a floral fragrance, and tossing up notes of citrus, and a creamy herbal scent

Smoke – clean burning, producing a lighter grey ash with minor peppering, and sending out a greasy resinous ring early into the joint. The flavor while smoking echoing the smell given off. Inhaling the sweet taste of tropical fruits, floral creaminess, and a sour herbal citrus, with a mild earthiness. Once exhaling, the flavoring becomes more earth pungent, with a sweet sugar like reminence left to dissipate off the palate

High – Pink Pebbles being an indica dominant hybrid (80/20) really has its effects flowing over you while still burning a doob. Spacey thoughts filling your head with a heightened elevation, and having enough properties to send some wind under the sails. Ideas and thoughts of creativity are significantly enhanced, with motivation requiring a boost. Sending your thoughts into orbit, it’s only a matter of time before your body joins in, with a soothing body stone making it’s way to every crevice. A fun daytime high, but probably best left to wrapping up a day of work, or evening time roasting