Tightly structured, medium sized, uber dense buds were slathered with a solid amount of resin giving the buds overly greasy appearance. The well manicured buds and greasy exterior helped to highlight the bright green backgrounds and short rich orange pistils. As I took a closer peek; the trichomes were short and transparent with mainly clear and cloudy heads. Moisture level was mildly dry but a day in a jar had it near perfect again.  Smell was great with all the pungent aromas you’d hope for and expect. Hitting the nostrils first was intense diesel with some underlying earthy notes. I did also notice some floral notes as the buds were busted up.

Smoke was incredibly expansive with sharp gassy flavors on inhale with added wet earth notes on exhale. I did notice some mild harshness on the back of the throat mid-way through the joint, but this wasn’t something that was overly apparent. Joint burned well with an obvious oil ring and a near white ash with minor peppering. Immediately noticed some potent cerebral effects with some uplifting vibes that had me giggling without reason. These effects continued to climb until I just felt really stoned with some heaviness and physical relaxing effects settling into my muscles. There was some mild sedation that likely could progress to couchlock depending on the dosage. I could find myself smoking this throughout the day but likely would be best suited for chilling out in the evenings as it is still an Indica leaner. Another impressive bud when considering it was graded as a AA.