Product arrived as a singular deep yellow to rich orange boulder consisting of a multitude of tacky and chunky diamonds. Not as saucey as the last one but rather sticky as the consistency of the sauce just appeared thicker. Took some effort to break down the HCFSE as it almost was slightly hardened on the exterior. However once this was broken down the diamonds were so sticky; they immediately would again begin gathering into larger boulders. As you took a closer peak at the product on a dab tool; it was easy to see it still had plenty of saucey goodness spread along the surface of the individual diamonds. Smells coming out of the jar were equal parts earth and kush with a lesser amount of fresh pine.
Dabbed very well with a smooth vapour that was easy on the lungs and a clean melt. Flavors were similar to the nose with the earthiness taking on a mild floral gas profile. Initially hit me with a moreso cerebral buzz. This however, quickly transitioned into rather heavy physical effects that had me feeling rather lazy, relaxed and lethargic. Classic couchlock effects were a thing with this one, making it ideal for winding down in the evening.