Chunky structured buds that were relatively dense but again arrived very dry and brittle even though it came accompanied with a humidity pack. Light and dark greens with a bit of a brown colouring, with some tips of the nugs on the edge of being purple. There were some areas of trichome coverage on the exterior which gave it a bit of a shine in natural light but most of the buds didn’t seem to have intact heads. Inside, short trichs closely packed together with mainly clear and cloudy heads. Smells were present with mild sweet earth but when comparing to other pinks I’ve had in the past the nose was not as pungent or gassy as I am accustomed to.

Once again the smoke on this flower was scratchy and fairly harsh and didn’t really deliver on the typical gassy and floral notes I expected. Moreso earthy. Finished with a darker grey ash. Considering pinks tend to never fail with delivering those heavy effects; this one tended to only be moderately potent. Still hitting with an Indica dominant buzz but really lacked the powerful body stone I’m used. Another strain I can hardly justify as a AAAA.