Seconds after opening the can the room and likely my whole house stunk. Heavy pungent gas and the typical pink aromas which finished with its characteristic floral notes. The buds were perfectly manicured and stored extremely well with medium sized buds. It was easy to see at first glance the entirety of the buds encrusted by visible trichome heads.

This bud smoked especially well with thick dense smoke that was exceptionally smooth. The taste was rich gas with floral notes on exhale that were identical to the  smell. The high was nothing but heavy Indica. Repeated bouts euphoric and relaxing effects were felt that progressively had you feeling the need to sit down. This is not a strain you should plan to get anything done with. From my own experience I repeatedly found it, difficult or next to impossible to focus on a task. Nighttime or relaxing is all this will strain will assist with; plan for it if you’re a novice smoker.