Another first for me with a 50/50 blend of live High Terpene Extract (HTE) and distillate. I’ve had the chance to try one of their FSE carts in the past (9lb Hammer) which will be nice to make a comparison to.

This product did come in a different cartridge from verified vapes (called a resin cartridge) then I am used to; with a clear tip compared to the ceramic tip of the FSE cartridge.  I can’t say I appreciated a huge difference in performance as I did not have any leaking, sugaring or burning as I made it halfway through the cart. The cartridge itself did feel much much lighter and does feel less “solid” but otherwise seemed to work flawlessly. The concentrate itself was a completely transparent, light amber to golden hued and had zero sugaring noticed. It was slightly darker than the 9lbs hammer I had tried in the past but I only noticed as I was able to have them side by side.

Flavor-wise; with distillate products I am typically expecting a weird or overpowering artificial flavoring. This product didn’t have that issue. Instead was met with the flavors I would expect from pink kush; heavy plumes of diesel and gas, alongside mild floral and earthy notes. The effects of this were also very promising with a nice hybrid high providing an immediate stoney head high followed by a relaxing body buzz that mellowed the buzz out. Potency of the effects were less powerful when compared to the FSE cart I had tried and did not appear to last as long the FSE cart.  However, when comparing the price; these are worth it for me.