Strain – Island Pink

Visual/Texture – completely built up by smaller to medium sized buds, plump round grape shaped. Fresh feeling, greasy exterior, while having a squeezable, sponginess to them, plenty of sticky resin draped through the structures. Mostly dressed up in a lighter moss green shading, with dark vibrant purple hues being cast over a good portion of the nugs. Sprouting some short lengthed, rusty copper pistils, and covered with a thick frosty wall of milky white trichomes

Scent – a distinct aroma backed by some potent terpenes that’s really captivating on your sense of smell. Pumping out an aromatic nose consistent of a sweeter floral fragrance, meshed together by skunky herbal accents, and coming through in the background is undertones of earthy vanilla 

Smoke – very accurately having the flavor matching the scent. Once inhaling, you’re greeted with a sweet floral, pairing up with a herbal skunkiness, grasping hints of occasional vanilla flavoring. The exhale it becomes mostly overpowered by a robust earthiness, leaving a mild floral sweetness to linger off the palate. An ash with more of a medium grey shade, and providing a greasy ring of oil that surfaced early, and stuck around to the bitter end

High – a hybrid (80/20) mostly resulting in indica effects. It’s not long into the session when you feel increased euphoria, and your mood will ascend towards a positive direction. A warm feeling then washing through your body, which is then met by a deep relaxing sensation, and it subdues any existing pain being experienced. Clinging on to the little amount of motivation that still exists, I would suggest Island Pink be spun later day or for cooking up at night