Shipping: Monday-Friday

Method Smoked: Joint

Bud Size-  Medium

SMELL  ( Final score 5/5)
Strong or weak?: Strong 💪🏽
Nug Form
Dominant smell of bud : Very Fruity🍍🥭
Associated smells of bud :Earthy 🌲
Busted up
Dominant smell of bud : Very Fruity
Associated smells of bud: little hints of earthy.

TASTE (Final score  9/10)
Dominant flavour :  Fruity/Sweet.
Associated flavours : All I taste is a Fruity sweet taste.

Harsh/smoothness : (1-5, 1 being extremely harsh and 5 being extremely smooth) 4/5

BUZZ  ( Final score  8/10)
Profile Percentage of head to body:  70%head 30% body  4/5
Potency : (1-5, 1 being extremely weak and 5 being extremely potent)
Use Daytime/Bedtime : Daytime

Pink hulk was one strain I’ve never heard of and had to grab it when I seen it. The buds were medium on size and were beautiful, a little purple throughout it, and had blanket of sugar-like trichomes.
The smell was amazing, very strong smelling and right off the bat you get a nice fruity smell with hints of earthy smells.
The taste matched the smell but for the hints of earthiness. It was a little spicy on the exhale that is why it lost 1 point.
The buzz lost a couple point because for that price I was hoping for the high to last longer and be a bit stronger hitting at first. It was still a great high but for that price I was expecting a heavy hitter.

Would recommend to all my Sativa lovers out there. 🔥🤙🏼