Strain – Pink Gorilla (Gorilla Glue 4 x Pink 2.0)

Visual/Texture – coming as one semi spongy, somewhat airy, medium sized, spade shaped nug. Casting a lighter olive shading, with darker forest green undertones, rusty copper thinner pistils populated a good portion, and absolutely dripping in milky white trichomes. Somewhat crispy feeling outer shell, with a fresh sticky inner stickiness caking up your fingers when handled

Scent – Pink Gorilla having an aroma reminiscent of both sides of its descent, and boasting quite the terpenes once released. Bringing forth a scent of floral, fruity herbs paired up nicely with a skunk fueled, nutty earthiness

Smoke – fairly smooth, clean burning ash on the light grey side, and a healthy oil ring emerging quite early in the burn. Tasting of floral herbs, and a pungent earthy nut on each inhale. Exhaling provides more of a cedar earthiness, with a fruit presence emerging

High – a hybrid (75/25) indica leaning, with no time wasted bringing on the stone. Providing a cloudy head high, leaving your mind to wonder, and focus becoming more of challenge. Engaging in waves of euphoria, as you battle the heavy relaxation that sets over your eyes, and body. Leaving this to be puffed on a free day, or evening time because finding motivation post blaze becomes a bit of Journey