Really exciting offering. The bud came in mason jars, contained inside of a branded box. Beautiful and unique packaging that is also functional. Came ready to put away in the stash.

The nugs themselves were medium-large in size, absolutely dense and sticky. Dark purple hues throughout, almost black. Greatly contrasted by the bright orange pistils and deep green bud. Really impressive visually, brought to the next level with the copious amount of full trich heads.

As for the nose, there was no lack of enticing aromas. Really powerful diesel hits your nose right away, followed by a complex array of earthy notes. Strong coffee and pine notes followed by a baked vanilla dessert profile. Lacking the grassy/herbal notes commonly associated with pink kush, straight up dessert instead.

Smokes incredibly smoothly to pure white ash. Strong gas and pine terps on the inhale. Earthy, coffee and vanilla notes on the exhale. Very tasty bud with notably strong flavors on the exhale.

Potency wise, this Pink Goo delivers. Intense cerebral head rush immediately that is soaring in intensity. As this reaches its peak, your body is washed over with a warm sensation that relaxes your muscles. The headbuzz settles down a bit and you’re left in couchlock bliss, heavily sedated.

Pink Goo – Weedposters on the left and Astro Pink Lot #1704 on the right.

I had the chance to try this side by side with Astro Pink’s version of Pink Goo. I found them to be incredibly similar in nearly all aspects. Whilst they outperformed each other slightly in various aspects, they were pretty much on par.

Amazing to see such competitive bud with superior packaging and a lower tag. Very impressive offering!