Pink Goo from Top Tier Cannabis

Named for Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad

Cross: Grand daddy Purps x Grape Ape x Northern Lights #5

80% Indica Dominant Hybrid

Visual: It had an old school look to it. The bud was a bright green mixed in with lime green and small patches of brown hairs. It had lots of tight compact crystal which was very sparkly. It was quite dense with a little bit of a squish. It felt fresh.

Nose: The nose was sweet and musky with a herbal spiciness. It was more pungent when I opened it up and I got a tiny hint of gas.

Cut/Roll/Grind: It held back in the grinder and I had to pick it out of the grinder. It squished a bit while cutting it and it was very sticky and the moisture level was great!

Taste: I got lots of flavour from this one as well! I got the herbal spice and a woody sweetness and a hint of that pine and gas. I also got a tiny bit of a dark coffee flavour from it.

Burn: Another great burn! The ash was a little bit salt and peppery but it didn’t want to go out and it burns slow and steady with a very heavy smoke.

Potency/Effects: It hit me in my nose quite well and the effects built up fast. I felt weighed down, relaxed and my brain was slowed down. I was buzzed out all over and feeling good. This one is great for just chilling out!

Overall score – 9.3/10