This strain was named after it’s resinous & gooey texture/appearance, and rightfully so, this bud is exactly that. Dense and frosty, this purple hued, 4g nug has a neat trim and covered in greasy trichomes and orange hairs. Very sticky to breakn apart as you need some elbow grease to get the grinder turning.

The aroma coming off this one gets stronger and hits you in waves, with sweet notes of gas followed by a delicate vanilla floralness. Virtually the same on exhale with a subtle earthy finish. Thick smoke although very easy on the lungs, burning a very light grey ash. Super enjoyable in a joint with a slow burn and the taste of gasoline sits heavy on the tastebuds.

I’m a real fan of the high. Calming and relaxing, providing a blissful body buzz with euphoric effects. Not much of a sleeper but can be due to the high potency. Pretty comparable to an indica like violator as it’s a good daytime indica that still leaves you quite functional, physically and mentally. Really loved this one.