Pink Gelato from Happy Clouds

Visual: The visuals were very nice for a Pink strain. There was a good amount of crystal coverage and it had a nice structure with its peaks and valleys. There were a few different greens and it had some light coloured hairs all over. It was very dense and it did not have much of a give to it.

Nose: The nose was a bit light. it was a gassiness and a spiciness that were the main smells present. It was more pungent when I opened it up.

Cut/Roll/Grind: It was very easy to bust up and to cut. It was a bit sticky when I was cutting it.

Taste: The taste was pungent! The gas really came out as well as that spiciness.

Burn: It burnt excellent! It was nice and slow and steady.

Potency/Effects: Love the Pink strains! This Pink Gelato had a good punch and the potency was great! The effects were very heavy for me. It gave me a good buzz all over and it made me want to sit on the couch and chill. It was very heavy and it put me in a happy mood! Good for nighttime smoking.

Overall score – 9.4/10