These beautiful buds are heavily matted with trichomes. Having a near perfect trim job and a phenomenal cure. The buds have a pretty well rock hard density and more of an oval shape. The buds are just reeking of a super sweet gassy floral aroma.


Upon smoking I was greeted with a dank greasy gassy very sweet foral cookie taste with a hint of musk. The smoke was ever so smooth and succelent. While smoking in a joint the burn was perfect being super slow but continuous with a even and slow burn the whole way through. There was a nice grease ringer.


I found this to be a high potency indica dominate hybrid. Right after finishing smoking I felt a heady strong europhia. My eyes were feeling very heavy and I was pretty stoned but still focused. I felt positive and uplifted making me be at ease with everything. Eventually a relaxation and lazy crept up on me