Strain – Pink Death

Visual/Texture – a compilation of smaller sized nugs, sharing shades of minty and emerald green, featuring some sharp purple undertones that really pop in portions. Somewhat airy with a sponginess on the surface, snapping each open exposing a slightly more fresh, stickier interior. Several shorter light copper colored pistils peeking out, some sugar leafs hugging the structures, and a dusted spread of milky white trichomes

Scent – having a lineage named after two heavy hitting strains, an aroma being cast reminiscent of each parent. Emitting some loud terpenes with a deep floral fragrance   establishing its dominance, and a gassy diesel scent pairing along side, with background notes of sweet piney, earthiness seeping out

Smoke – the aromatic essence carrying right through while smoking. Working in unison to balance the contrast of smooth to harsh. First  hitting your palate with a rich floral, sweet diesel combo, with notes of a subtle pine flavoring. Exhaling consisting more of a cedar,  gassy, having a floral after taste with a continued lingering. Producing a medium grey ash with some peppering, and a greasy resin ring materialized within the first several puffs

High – before finishing the joint, you’re already feeling the effects. Bringing forth weighted  feeling heavy eyes, a hazy effect taking hold clouding your head, leaving any thoughts of being productive tucked away for later. While residing in a state of euphoria, making any sort of focus unavailable, while a relaxation washes over and eases your body of pain at the same time. This potent hitting strain is more for night sessions, and checks all the boxes concluding that