Pink Death from StoneysBC – Indica – (AAAA)

Visual: It was really nice to look at. It was a bit squished from the tin that it was in, but it was super sticky and fresh. It was a bright green around the bottom and the middle of the buds with it getter darker green at the tips. There were a really good amount of crystals and when I opened it up it was a bit lighter on the inside. It was a bit dense but still squishy and fresh.

Nose: It was very pungent! Super gassy and kushy with some skunky funk and a bit of pine.

Roll: It squished a lot when I was cutting it because it was so fresh and sticky.

Taste: Wow! Tons of flavour! It had lots of different profiles. The main was a gassy flavour with some skunk and some earthy woodiness.

Burn: It burnt excellent! Super white ash too!

Potency/Effects: This Pink Death was super punchy and potent! I could really start to roll smaller joints with this one because the potency is very high. It will get you wrecked, haha. It was a clear and happy feeling at first with a body buzz flowing in. The buzziness took over and it was just hold on during the space flight. I really enjoyed this one! Great for evening or nighttime while enjoying some vids.

Overall score – 9.1/10