Strain – Pink Death Star (Death Star x Blood Rose)

Smell – there’s a fair amount of aroma coming off but you get the true release of terpenes once busting the bud apart. Reeking of skunky diesel gas, with a sweet herbal, and slight floral  twisting together to a defined nose

Smoke – having a lighter grey ash with both salt and pepper taking place, and an oil ring coming through after only a few puffs. Taste translates quite decent overall having the sweet skunky floral, gas mixture on the inhale, and the exhale consists of an earthy, diesel flavor

High – being a full on indica that also brings its creeper effects to the table, leaving you only a little time to find yourself somewhere comfortable shortly after smoking. You’re greeted by a relaxing stone, that hits your mind and body at the same time. Definitely a strain for later day blazing or evening time sessions

Quality: oval shaped bud which is crispy on the exterior, mossy green coloring underneath the deep vibrant purple sugar leaves gripping the structure, and bright violet undertones. Bright eye catchy fire orange pistils, and finely dusted with snow white trichomes. Reliable for getting you decently fried, while taking the edge off at the same time