Strain –  Pink Candy Kush (Stinky Pink x Cotton Candy)

Smell – once you rip the mylar bag open, you are greeted instantly by smells of floral with a sweet fruity almost sour candy smell. It’s really quite the pleasant sweet smelling strain and upon taking a big sniff of this strain you can tell why it’s got candy in the name

Smoke – the inhale is strong on the floral notes a sweet almost  fruity candy taste and the exhale ends up carrying a sour woody flavoring. The ash was a lighter salt & pepper color, with an oil ring intact early on

High – it’s a sativa dominant hybrid but with the slight indica presence this is enough to let your mind float. You’re left feeling somewhat motivated but only if you fan concentrate for a long enough amount of time to complete what you’re planning on doing. This strain is decent for later day or earlier into the evening blazing

Quality: for the most part, this strain is made up of smaller to mediim sized spade shaped buds, that are really dark forest green with plenty of purple undertones coming through,  with dark copper pistils, and covered in trichomes. Great smoke with some tasty terpenes, the only negative is that it’s a little too leafy