Sticky,tight,moist lime green buds with hints of dark green and copper when broken open, with small patches of orange hairs and a nice coating of crystals but gleaming diamond like trichomes once broken open! Smell is nice! Sweet pungent lemon gas that translates into a really strong grape flavor. Taste is interesting and great! Spicy earthy with some strong sour gas that sits nice and sweet on the palate! Long after smoking keeping me guessing! Smooth slow slightly resinous burn with a almost white ash! Feeling really good overall all! Happy/euphoric,relaxed/chilled out,alert and paying attention to detail if that makes sense. Perfect herb for working on a project or diving deep into some gaming! Great herb overall! Tasted nice and has me feeling pretty good! I’d recommend this herb for daytime/evening(in moderation) or night-time if your rolling a cannon!