The first thing I noticed about this flower was the trich coverage throughout the olive green, chunky looking nug. A good amount of the crystal stuck to the bag when I pulled the bud out indicating freshness and stickiness. This flower has a good cure and is not dry at all.


Has a good nose with some nice kushiness to it along with a little bit of the pungent notes of sharp gas that pinks are known for. The taste is actually stronger than the nose imo, providing a smooth, yet potent inhale of kushy flavors and providing a lovely pink gas flavor lingering long after exhale.

Medium to high potency, I find the relaxing effects come on quite quickly and last an hour or longer. I’m good to function on this throughout the day so I don’t find it sedative therefore, suitable for lazy day use or even if you have some easy going tasks to do.


Overall this is a nice flower that I do wish was a LITTLE bit tastier considering the name. Still decent flavor just a touch muted for my expectations. Not bad at all!