Strain – Pink Azul

Visual/Texture – the battle began when I first tried unleashing this big beast from its mylar home. I fought not only against the massive sized seven gram structure but also the sticky resin that seemed to be containing this unit inside. A green shading consisting of minty, emerald, and olive hues, with some dark blackish purple accents in portions. Thin lengthy fire orange pistils branching outwards throughout the entire mass, and a healthy layer of frosted trichomes

Scent – once given the chance to emit its presence, the Pink Azul did just that. Exposing its pungent gas infested floral fragrance seep forth to the outside (of the mylar) world. Mostly being masked by the floral gas, there is also subtle notes of sweet herbal earthiness mixed within the powerful terpenes being driven forth

Smoke – the transition of its scent carrying over to taste was accurately displayed with each inhale. Taking in the floral fueled gas, tied together with the sweet earthy herbs, and the exhale of earthiness with floral herbs faded but still existing. Ash on the lighter grey side with peppering through out, and an oil ring that surfaced a couple hoots into the joint

High – the high comes on fairly quickly with your eyes being the first to get impacted by additional heaviness. Relaxation fills your body, but your head goes a different direction being enhanced by euphoria, and cerebral enhancements. Propelling yourself into a happy place, the Pink Azul is capable of altering your mood even a few puffs in. With your body feeling more immobile, and your mind racing I find this to be ideal for twisting up at the end of the work day or for a night time twist up