This one had more of a saucy appearance to it with light amber colours and almost golden hued edges. When agitated the product is much thicker than I anticipated with an almost wet dough consistency that when left to settle; regained its smooth wet look on the exterior. There were also darker brown ribbons throughout the rosin; kind of had the appearance of streams running through it. Smells were initially faint upon opening the jar; but once again after stirring the product released kush, and floral scentes alongside some undertones of sweet gas.

Effects were immediate and simultaneously provided relaxing and euphoric physical effects alongside a stoney and uncoordinated cerebral buzz.  These effects steadily increased proportionally until an hour in, where sedative effects took over. This quickly made for lethargic energy levels and a constant battle against increasingly weighted eyelids.  A potent option I can only recommend for evenings, where you’ve already been taking it easy and plan on doing nothing productive.