Strain – Pineapple Super Silver Haze (Pineapple Express x Super Silver Haze)

Visual/Texture – a shared green shading between olive, and bright lime. Shorter thin light brownish orange pistils shooting off the structure, and glistening in a finely dusted layer of crystal ice trichomes. Medium sized nug, some sponginess, semi dense, with a fresh sticky to the touch interior, and exterior

Scent – great representation of both parents terpenes immediately come reeking from this bud. The smells coming off of this strain are a pleasent mixture of sweet aromatics from a fruity tropical, citrus, paired together with a sour, herbal fragrence that really compliment one another perfectly
Smoke – smooth to puff on, clean, consistent burn, producing a lighter grey ash with peppering throughout, and a resinous ring that formed quite fast. Transitioning from its smell is quite on par, with the inhale on this being a sweet tropical, sour tasting citrus herbs, and the exhale turning to more of a woody, sweet  tasting pine

High – being a majority sativa dominant hybrid (70/30) I found that there was a very minimal to no burnout at all. Can blast this stuff during the day without many major issues continuing about any activities without any major hindrance. An instant boost in cerebral as well as euphoric feeling begin taking hold over your mind, while retaining an entirely tuned in ability to focus. Supplying an uplift in motivation, lighting up a wake and bake is not a terrible idea by any means, allowing a sense of accomplishment to still be existent post session. This strain is a solid grip, not only will it leave you functional but also placing you exactly where you want to be