Tegridy Farms Cannabis hooked me up with an order, at first I wasn’t too impressed and I talked to them about… They immediately rectified all my qualms and got the job DONE.

Initial Thoughts/Bag Appeal : Pineapple Express weighed just over a gram, and upon initial viewing didn’t look all that impressive.

Smell: Once taken from the bag, my nose was bombarded like an artillery barrage with skunk and sweet terps,  really changed my view and hopes around.

Appearance : Upon busting the nugs up, my fingers were covered in kief/trichomes, leaving them glistening. Each nug had dark hues of green that shined in the light!  It was a little over dried, but that’s partially due to my inability to write reviews in a timely manner these past few weeks, haha

High : I rolled a nice fat joint for me and my assistant to enjoy, the high was potent, heavy,  but not overbearing. It allowed us to engage in bountiful laughter and stimulating conversation for the rest of the evening.. 👹👹

Overall, I rate this strain 3.75 out of 5. It was a good, average smoke that would’ve ranked higher if it burned a little cleaner, and or tasted better. 🙂 Tegridy Farms has great customer service though, which more than made up for it.