Long tapered bud arriving with a near perfect trim and frosty exterior overtop light green backgrounds making the long and winding deep orange pistils pop. Another extremely coated bud which under closer inspection had milky white stalks and plenty of amber heads. Nice moisture level and density which had a firm but bouncy feel. Smells out of the bag were slightly muted as I didn’t pick anything up other then some mild tart or sour aromas. This changed dramatically as I broke down the buds; with surprisingly powerful citrus, pine and herbal aromas.  It reeked; which was a nice surprise.

Sharp and potent smoke that you felt on the lungs with equally powerful flavors; dominated by refreshing pine notes with some sour lime flavors on exhale.  Burned nicely in a joint with a light grey ash with minor darker peppering. Found this brought on and nicely clear and uplifting cerebral buzz, which had me smiling and focused. Found this did mellow out about 45 minutes in with a nicely calm sensation hitting the rest of my body. There was no sedation to speak of and found myself rather functional throughout; making this an excellent day time option. Easily the nicest pineapple express I’ve tried to date.