The Pineapple Chunk flower by Green Hornet Buds delivered an adventurous Sativa experience from start to finish. Upon opening the zip intense smells of fruity exotic pineapple filled the air. The flowers were hard and dense with just the right amount of moisture, very nice bag appeal.

Almost immediately after the first couple of puffs, my mind started doing strange things and I felt very intense about my surroundings. Was there an audience watching me? Even before I can finish the joint I want to get up and do something, anything!  It’s all about living life to the fullest with this strain, and this flower will definitely provide a strong burst of energy.

The smoke is fairly smooth with no harshness, but it does have a slight kick to the back of the throat.  The ash was mostly white with small traces of peppered grey.  This is the type of strain I like to bring along during an afternoon hike or a lively house party.