Strain – Pine Tar 

Smell – an instant welcome of stanky terpenes greet you as you tear open the mylar packaging. You are blasted by an aroma of a sweet skunky pine, with scents or citrus, and earthy woodiness

Smoke – consistent while burning for a good span, before the resin build catches up and only continues to grow for the remainder of the sesh. A salt and pepper color on the ash, with a decent representation of taste to smell. Flavor wise on the intake you get a sweet skunky, kush tasting pine, with earthy citrus mixed in, and the exhale holding on to the pine, and citrus with a musky wood hitting your taste buds

High – the pure indica strain is will toss you into a state or euphoria, give a relaxed feeling over your body, provide some pain relief, and have you hitting the munchies once burnout is taking hold. Probably more for later daytime, while still capable of functioning, motivation and task completion will not be high on the priority list

Quality: mixed up between small and medium sized nugs, having a bright lime green shading with medium emerald green undertones, fairly clean trim with minor sugar leaves still intact. Exterior of the buds with a crispy texture, spongy when squeezed, and sticky resinous feel once dissected. An abundance of thin copper pistils extending out from the structures, and finished off with a fine lathering of shiny crystal trichomes