Pina Colada Moon Rocks from Clean Green VIP

Made with AAAA Flower, organic cherry oil, AAAA Kief, and naturally derived terpenes.

Visual: They were pretty crazy looking! Like fuzzy green Moon Rocks! When I opened them up I could see the flower on the inside and the gooey Cherry oil. The taste was very similar with a oil hashiness to it.

Nose/Taste: The smell was a refreshing Pina colada. It wasn’t fake smelling, it had a natural smell that wasn’t overpowering.

Burn: It burnt like hash. Crazy slow and tons of smoke! It was very smooth as well!

Potency/Effects: They were crazy punchy and the potency and effects were intense! I got that sweaty wave that I had to get through and then it was heavy and buzzy. I was couch locked and I didn’t wan’t to do anything, haha.