Strain – Peanut Butter x Banana OG

Visual/Texture – a compilation of smaller sized nugs, quite fresh and a decent sponginess when squeezed. Cleanly trimmed up, appearing a mossy shade, with forest green undertones, short thin rusted copper pistils, and shielded in a blanket of amber trichomes

Scent – boasting a powerful terpene presence, there’s no doubt this comes with its volume cranked up. Having had Banana OG in the past, you can really get the strong notes from that side of this combos descent. A pairing so fine that it brings you back to the childhood classic sandwich. You’re first hit with the sweet tropical fruitiness, it then ties together with a nutty, pine, and earthiness

Smoke – tasting very similar to the scent driven off this stuff, you’re taking in hoots of sweet fruity tropical, along with the piney nut flavoring coming through on each inhale. The exhale becoming less of the profiles coming through and tasting more earthiness, with a sweet fruity linger intact. Medium to light grey ash, and an oil ring surfacing after a few puffs

High – a hybrid (50/50) delivering an equal division of both sativa and indica. Giving you a creative, euphoric head high, and altering your mood to a completely uplifted happiness. Not only will it not hinder your gameplans afterwards, and the burnout is very minor if any, but munchies will require some assistance. This tasty combination being a wise selection for daytime sessions