Strain – Peanut Butter Rockstar (Peanut Butter Breath x Rockstar)
Visual/Texture – the appearance having more of the Rockstar stature, being lengthy oval shaped, and medium in size. Holding a crisp outer shell that you can snap into, awaiting inside is a resin coating leaving your fingers gummy once handled. Where the colors popping off being more reminiscent of the Peanut Butter Breath descent, sporting a lighter olive shade, with grassy green hues, and darker forest almost black colored undertones. Lighting up the whole appearance of the nug with bright fire orange pistils unraveled over the entire structure, and iced out by a layer  shrouded over in shiny crystal ice trichomes

Scent – coming out strong with some fairly potent terpenes, cranking some heavy volume right away, but really giving off it’s full potential once broken apart. Feeding strong wafting aromas of strong gas that has a nuttiness involved within, and a strong skunk herbal earthiness

Smoke – an ash extending off the joint, lighter grey in color holding some slight peppering amongst it, and producing an oil ring that materialized quickly into the burn. Receiving a very similar flavor profile while smoking, as the scent being driven off. Taking in hoots flavored by a potent nutty gas, skunky herbal flavoring, and a mild earthiness coming through. The exhale takes on more of a dominant cedar taste, and a continued sweetened earthiness left slowly lingering behind on the pallet

High – Peanut Butter Rockstar is an excellent paired together hybrid (80/20) of two well known genetics that were meant to eventually meet up. Not even a few puffs in, you’re approached with an uplifting cerebral elevation, while feeling the stone taking hold on your eyelids, and reaching a state of bliss. Further along into the high, you’re being settled into a state of calming relaxation, working itself down your entire body. Providing some promising results that can be enjoyed at any time, whether day or evening