Strain – Peanut Butter Breath (Do si dos x Mendo Breath)

Visual/Texture Рclumped together as a thick brick, once separating the zip revealing the compilation of smaller to medium sized buds. Tightly wound up pepper shaped nugs with a decently crisp exterior, giving up very little when squeezed, slightly dry with a solid resinous coat. Pretty much covered  by a lighter olive green shading, with dark vibrant purple hued undertones. Light brown pistils spread over a good portion of the structures, and shielded by a thick wall of milky white trichomes

Scent – coming right out the bag boasting fairly powerful terpene emissions, only to become more loud once busted. First being hit by a sweet herbal, rich nut infested aroma, working together with a woody, pine and a mild earthy scent

Smoke – consistently smooth burning, while producing a light grey ash, with pepper flaking through it, and a resin ring that had a greasy reflection developing after a few hoots. Tasting quite similar to the scent being sported, inhaling puffs tasting of sweet herbs, a rich nuttiness, and a cedar flavoring. The exhale then transitioning to more of a creamy, cedar, and earthy flavoring bringing a lingering peanut like aftertaste sticking on the palate

High – PBB a delicious hybrid (50/50) delivering an equal division of both sativa with indica. The high beginning in the head with a strong elevation of cerebral thoughts, steady euphoric enhancement, and supplying you with an overall uplifted mood. As the high wears over you, so do the effects, making a full shuffle down your body, replacing any uncomfortable feelings with pure relaxation. This tasty combination serving as a wise selection for twisting up during the day