These beautiful buds are mostly milky purple with some green. The trim was perfect with no leaf in sight and the cure was on point being pretty well perfect as well. Buds were dense with a ever so nice slight spongeyness to them. The aroma was of a succelent sweet doughy nuttyness that made my mouth water.

Upon smoking I was greeted with a sweet doughy nutty taste with more of a nutty taste then doughy along with earthy undernotes. Burned pretty well perfect being slow, even and continous. The ash was light gray when smoking in a joint. Smoke was very smooth and had a nice grease ringer.

This is a medium to high potency balanced 50/50 hybrid. After smoking I felt cerebral and a bit of europhia along with a feeling of at ease. I was also feeling a bit of lazy and relaxed not wanting to do much except relax. Vauled at 250 a zip before coupons.