Large chunky buds that were perfectly cured with a sticky exterior and satisfying crunch when being squeezed. Not in a dry brittle way. Great palette of colors from deep dark greens and purples to bright green backgrounds and vivid crawling orange pistils. Slightly lacking in the terpene department but when squeezed released pleasant earthy, woody and delicate citrus aromas. As you broke down the bud these smells intensified significantly to include the rich nutty notes I was looking for. Taste was pungent and earthy with some pine on exhale.
Burned well slowly and evenly with a definitive oil ring throughout the joint, ending in a light grey ash. Buzz felt instantly as an intense body high that kicked your feet out from underneath you, leaving you no option but to find a comfy spot to lay down. Potent Indica leaning strain, which I would suggest as an option to wind down at the end of a night.