This flower is honestly a knock out of the park in all categories. The nugs have a perfect bud structure, they’re dense and sticky but still grind up properly. The colours are also very nice with a mix of dark and light green and even some deep purples on the insides. There’s a stunning coat of glistening trichome heads all around the bud. The nose is a creamy peach accented by a sour chemical along with some citrus overtones and a slight pepper on deeper inhales. This translates very well into a tropical fruit candy flavour which reminds me of peach and mango juice. There are also some sour herbal tones on exhale. The burn is perfect with an instant oil ring and extremely soft white/grey ash. The smoke is also unbelievably smooth. While this may all sound appealing to a beginner, the high is very potent and mind altering. It puts you into a mental trip where thoughts are reduced/slowed down and your body feels extremely light. There is also some relaxing euphoria and strong time dilation. Overall I absolutely love this flower for anytime of the day as long I don’t have anything too productive to do. 👌💯