Long olive shaped buds with a few foxtails atop some light and dark green backgrounds. Likely the most impressive looking of the bunch for me being perfectly trimmed and possessing long complete trichomes that stood at attention on every nook and cranny of this bud. I can comfortably say with some of the buds the dominant colour would be creamy white.  Rich deep orange pistils helped to break this up provided a vibrant contrast to the whitewashed backgrounds. Long milky stalked trichomes were seen with dominantly milky and clear heads present; with some amber heads seen in smaller numbers. The buds were also noticeably sticky to the touch with a great moisture level. I also enjoyed the smell of this one the most as it seemed much sweeter with a scent I could compare to overripe fruit and cream with some of that familiar funk of #2 at the end. Almost mouth-watering.

Flavors again weren’t as prominent ad the smell but provided some clear sweet fruit flavors alongside some skunky notes on exhale. Once again uber smooth with a perfectly white ash throughout the jay. Effects hit me with clear cerebral effects that had me feeling spaced out and unfocused initially. Hazey eyes set in making it difficult to avoid squinting as euphoric and uplifting vibes had me feeling really stoned. Some moderate physical effects brought me back down to earth feeling really relaxed and content. I found this perfect for kicking back and chilling at the end of the night but could likely be an anytime of the day smoke.