Buds were slightly larger and much more compact and chunkier in comparison to the other phenotypes; yet again, carefully handled. Bright greens dominated the backgrounds with the odd forest green patches; plus, thin pale orange pistils. With the obvious thick coating of resin, the buds overall appeared light and whitewashed. A closer look revealed mainly milky and clear trichomes with a smaller number of amber heads.  This strain possessed a much more noticeable sour citrus and chemmy aroma alongside some undertones of gas which was a drastic difference from #2. Quite loud and sharp nose in comparison.

Smooth smoke and big flavors of sour/citrus plus some notable gassy notes. Joint burned evenly with a near perfect white ash throughout. Effects were initially heady with some hazy eyes and uplifting vibe; initially making it difficult to concentrate. This mellowed out with some moderate physical effects that had me feeling euphoric with a relaxed yet alert type of buzz. Another bowl or joint likely would have had me feeling a bit more lethargic. Likely a smoke I’d be considering more as a lazy afternoon or evening wind down kind of option.