A strain I’ve only had once or twice when I first arrived on to the MoM scene. All of the nugs were very identical looking in shape and size. All around quarter sized in a spherical fashion. Light green in colour with bright orange hairs. Very simple, but appealing look, sporting a great trim and average moisture level.

The terpene profile on these buds are so pleasant and refreshing. Found myself going in for multiple sniffs. Very sweet and citrus influenced with spicy, peppery notes. I do wish the taste was as pronounced as the smell but depending on which smoking method you choose it can be more of less noticeable. It was smooth on the exhale with a light ash in a J.

Not your typical indica effects at all and based on the profile you wouldn’t expect it to be a heavy and sedative smoke. Papaya is in it’s own league as far as indicas go. The description is no bs as it definitely plays out like a very uplifting and happy sativa at first. Eventually unfolds into a relaxing and euphoric buzz that hits the mind and body equally as hard.

Really fun strain and I can see why many love it as a classic.