Oreoz is a rare flower created through crossing the strains Cookies N Cream X Secret Weapon. The aroma is of a fine chocolate reminding me of a gourmet Belgian chocolate, with a doughy nuttyness and a slight hint of spice. These buds are super caked out in trichomes, making the buds appear snowy white with bits of green and purple. Buds are on the medium to large size, with a solid density with a slight spongeyness to them. Has a perfect manicure and cure job.


Upon smoking my taste buds were greeted with nicest chocolate doughy cookie tasting smoke. The smoke was so smooth I hardly even noticed it, cept for being able to see it. Left me a succelent lingering after taste. When consumed in a joint it burned perfect being even, slow and continuous until the end. There was a nice grease ringer and a white ash.


I found this to be a medium to high potency indica dominate hybrid. The high made me positive overall and quite pleasant feeling. I was lulled into a relaxation that lasted for a good couple of hours. This took a lot of my muscles soreness away and made me have an appetite. Quite a sweet tasting strain and one of the smoothest I had the pleasure of trying, it is very easy to smoke to much of this potent strain.