Out of this world bag appeal with the buds being carpeted in trichromes from the stem to tip. This strain almost comes off as being predominantly white with a light green background; with bright orange pistils creating a fantastic contrast.  Light and bouncy but sticky and resinous buds when received. Initial aroma from the bag is true to its name with an orange/citrus forward smell followed by pine. Taste is again very true to the name with immediate citrus on inhale with a slight sour exhale; very distinct and enjoyable.

Smoke was one of the smoothest in my experience, with an almost buttery feel to it. Also joints smoked evenly throughout with a white ash finish every time. Soon after the first inhale, I was hit with an uplifting head high which helped me get stuff done throughout the day. Definitely a strain I would consider in a social setting as there wasn’t any noticeable couchlock or heavy eyelids to battle. With it’s unreal bag appeal, smooth/tasty smoke (true to the name) and uplifting high I will keep this one on my radar for the next time.