To be completely honest, the flavour on this cart didn’t really impress me. Some of the other strains from the homie @cumulus_carts were truly spectacular, but this one didn’t really do it for me in terms of terps. I had heard great things about the flavour on this cart in particular, but unfortunately it didn’t really turn out to be what I was expecting. At 2.4-2.6V the flavour has some sweet orange peel tones with a strong herbal base but sadly I’m also getting a slight bit of a burnt flavour mixed in. The flavour isn’t bad by any means but it just isn’t super tasty like I was kinda expecting! Other than the flavour this cart is amazing in every other facet. The texture/consistency of this 100% fse is a little thick but there’s absolutely no clogging or sugaring at all! The smoke is ridiculously smooth which rarely ever leaves me coughing. The high comes as a bit of a creeper with a tingly feeling coming across your face and forehead. This almost crazy buzz will even itself out into a more social and euphoric high which allows you to keep on going throughout the day. This high is seriously amazing for any time of the day except for maybe right before bed. Overall I’d say this is a great hybrid high with a super nice smoke. If the flavour were more pronounced this would be an absolute steal but regardless I’m still happy with this smoke!